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Art, Change and Community: A Conversation

recorded on October 5, 2013. Part of The Imagining America National Conference in Syracuse, NY.

Nojaim Grocery Store, 321 Gifford St, Syracuse, NY

In the past several years the Westside has seen a wide range of initiatives implemented in the neighborhood, (economic initiatives, zoning initiatives, art initiatives) most of them centering on ideas about community in general, and the Westside community in particular.

This discussion invited local residents to present their thoughts about community and community-based initiatives, both positive and negative.

This public conversation about art and community included members of the Westside community, Marion Wilson, (601 Tully), Amy Lipton, (EcoArtSpace), Joanna Spitzner (Syracuse University) and other guests. The conversation was broadcast to the local neighborhood on 93.5 FM.

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The Artist as Archivist Panel at The Feminist Art Project Day of Panels

Catherine Lord, Harmony Hammond,  Ulrike Müller, Martha Wilson, Aruna D'Souza,

Catherine Lord, Harmony Hammond, Ulrike Müller, Martha Wilson, Aruna D’Souza

from the Feminist Art Project:

The Artist as Archivist
Chair: Aruna D’Souza, Independent Scholar
Panelists: Harmony Hammond, artist, writer, and independent curator; Catherine Lord, Professor of Studio Art, University of California, Irvine; Ulrike Müller, artist; and Martha Wilson, artist and Founding Director, Franklin Furnace.
This panel will address the question of artist’s archives — archives of artistic work, archives created by artists of work that otherwise would be lost to time, archives as art. While the archive has long had an important place in feminist art practice,  representing a crucial artistic strategy to deal with the exclusion of women artists from the museum since the early 1970s by creating and occupying alternative spaces, and while they have been often the richest site of feminist work within such institutions, we will pose the question of how these archives operate – both as a literal space and as a conceptual resistance – in relation to the museum, to artistic practice, and to personal narrative.

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SyraUke Goes to Occupy Syracuse


(btw, it was cold and ukes seem to go out of tune fast)

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SyraUke Dec 3, 2011

Our second gathering!

Here are some songs (most of us are playing them for the first or second time, so be nice):







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Interview with Sarah Smizz

SMizzBritish artist Sarah Smizz talks with Joanna Spitzner about cities, space and its co-option, power and her work with various groups in the U.S. and the U.K.  Smizz was an artist in residence at The Art School in The Art School in September, and we had an awesome time with her.

Find out more:

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Syracuse Stands up for Immigration Rights

Syracuse Stands up for Immigration Rights

Rally at the Federal Building, downtown Syracuse on July 29,2010

Speakers include: Rev. Craig Schaub, Aly Wane, Jose Perez, Barrie Gewanter, Rev. Kevin Agee, Rebecca Fuentes and others speak about immigration rights, racial profiling, constitutional issues, and personal stories.

On July 29th, the new Arizona Immigration Law (SB1070) goes into effect. U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton has put a hold on many of the most egregious aspects of this law.

The rally was organized by The Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse (ACTS) and the Syracuse Peace Council in solidarity with the national events protesting this law.

Organizations endorsing the event so far:

  • The Syracuse ANSWER Coalition.
  • League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Syracuse Chapter
  • CNY-NYCLU Activist Task Force
  • The Workers Center

For more information:


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Interview with artists Lena Chun and Dylin North

Recorded on July 22, 2010. Artists Lena Chun and Dylin North completed a three-week residency at Spark Contemporary Art Space. We talk with Dylin and Lena, and with Derek Liddington, Director of XPace, and Holly Rodricks, Director of Spark and their work and their residency.

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The Great Central Depot

The Great Central Depot in the Open City June 2010

Sound collage as part of the installation “The Great Central Depot in the Open City”

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Restrictive DJ Night

Patrick Williams organized Restrictive DJ Night at The AS in The AS on June 18, 2010. Each DJ had a three record set: songs that were made in a year ending in 3, songs with the word dance in the title or lyrics, or 45s.

Here’s a recording. Joanna forgot to press the record button again, so this is only the second half of the night (but we were all practiced with our new DJ skills by then).Enjoy!

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The Great Central Depot in the Open City

Tonight! Saturday June 5, 2010

8-10 pm

@ XL Projects 303 S. Clinton Street (off Fayette) [map]

[originally planned to take place at Lipe Art Park, but moved inside due to rain]

Public Art Event

The Great Central Depot in the Open City is a special one night public art event on Saturday, June 5th, created by The Spectres of Liberty art group in collaboration with the Art School in the Art School. Inspired by Syracuse’s abolitionist history, specifically the words of Reverend Jermain Loguen, the artists have run a series of events, workshops, and interviews connecting the past to the present in preparation for the outdoor exhibition. The public art event will contain words and images inspired both by history and by the interactions with the people of Syracuse who have participated in the Open City Workshop.  Free and open to all.

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